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How to Get a (Natural) Great Night's Sleep

For me, there's no better Go-To than Isagenix Sleep Support & Renewal. In short. This. Stuff. Works. For the longest time I would have trouble getting to sleep. And while there can be many, MANY factors that are affecting your ability to get to sleep, melatonin is known to help a bit.

This liquid melatonin spray will absolutely give you the extra help you need without resorting to over the counter prescriptions. It's available on Amazon and ranges between $25-$30 for a bottle. Click here to check out the non-flavored or here for the spearmint flavored.

Heres 'my Go-To sleep routine

1) Go to bed at a reasonable time. Sure you can say, "I'll go to bed at 4am and get up at noon so I'm still getting 8 hours of sleep." Buttt... are you really being productive at 4am? How often do we tell ourselves, "I should really go to bed." and then after some clicking around on youtube or checking something on facebook, it's two hours later. Set your reasonable time on being able to get 7-8 hours. If you know you have to get up at 5am, don't go to bed at midnight every day and then wonder why you're always tired.

2) Whatever you decide for on your hard cut-off, "Go to bed time..." Then have all your electronics turned off 30 minutes before. The "blue light" coming off your phone, tablet, or computer really does affect the quality of your sleep.

3) After your shower/toothbrush/floss/etc, nighttime routine, grab some melatonin, (I recommend starting with a full spray or two at most) and swish it around in your mouth. Don't swallow it right away. Let it move around your mouth for about a minute. I've tried melatonin tablets before like the ones here, and they're okay but I've never had anything help me as much as the Isagenix sprays.

4) Do some light reading. Avoid the NY Times Crossword puzzle and (unless it's really your thing) avoid quantum physics. Fiction books and anything with a story has been known to work well, but simply find something you like.

Often times I find I'm unable to get more than 15-20 minutes into my reading before I'm tremendously tired.

Everyone's a bit different. Maybe melatonin tablets work for you or maybe something else will have better results. But if you're looking for something to help you get to sleep, and (rightfully so) want to avoid prescription drugs or "medicine", then give melatonin a try. In this case, I've taken it myself off and on for years and I can absolutely swear by it and recommend it.

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