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Good Vibes Lab 

Executive Meal Prep

Here at Good Vibes Lab, one of our most popular service is our Executive Meal Preparation. We specialize in working with clients who know they need to eat healthy but also know they never have the time to do so. All our food is organic, includes no artificial ingredients, and is made fresh in our commercial kitchen. It'smr

Each week we'll craft a meenu that provides the nutrition you need wie. Our dedicated team of nutritionists, dieticians, fitness trainers, and award winning chefs have tierelesly worked to create nearly 100 different items that you'll get to sample during your time with us.

Your order will include a mix of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as snacks and healthy "desserts" that will satiate you without feeling bloated, fatigued, or full of sugar. All our meals are made fresh and the meals are never frozen with Certified Organic and Local supply chains.

We vary our menu each week to give you a mix of well known favorites, exclusive new dishes, and delicious seasonal items. Our clients love the fact that their menu is selected for them each week by experts in their field, further taking the time and guesswork out of daily meal prep


Take a look at our Executive Meal Prep options below to see which suits your current needs. Or shoot us a call or text to our dedicated Executive Meal Prep line and we'll help you with your first order.


"The Sampler"
$19 /serving

Know you need to eat healthy and know you don't have the time?

Not yet sure about the incredible value Good Vibes Lab provides? Test us out with a one time order!

• 3 Breakfasts

• 3 Lunches

• 3 Dinners

• 3 Snacks/Desserts


* Free Introductory Consultation with our Nutritionist 

* 3 Free bottles of Wizard Juice with your first order, our world renowned nutritious drink full of nutritious compounds and zero sugar.


"Dedicated Diet"
$17 / Serving


We crafted this specifically for one person looking to have their entire week's meal plan done for them. Take the hard work and hassle out of shopping, cooking, and struggling to eat healthy.

• 7 Breakfasts

• 7 Lunches

• 7 Dinners

• 7 Snacks/Desserts



* Free shipping included with your order!


"Family Fuel"

$13 / serving

Our family plan is exactly what you need to keep your family well fed with delicious healthy meals. Perfect for couples with children, this plan gives you just about all the food you'll need for the entire week.

• 20 Breakfasts

• 20 Lunches

• 20 Dinners

• 20 Snacks/Desserts


* Free shipping included with your order!


"A La Carte"

$25 / Meal

Select any meal you'd like and order when it fits your schedule. Anytime you've got a craving for an off menu item, our kitchen specially prepare your favorite dish for you.

Three free bottles of Wizard Juice and three free snacks with every order!

Minimum five meals with standard deliveryy.